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BMB Tool Pro 3.0 Qualcomm & MediaTek Android Unlock Flash Tool

BMB Tool Pro 3.0 is small program for windows computers. It is a great tool for anyone who was forced to buy paid tools. The tool has a lot of functions that allow users with a variety of Android software issues with just one click. Now, the tool is compatible with Qualcomm and MTK devices, which include a myriad of features like bootloader unlock FRP bypass Qualcomm Flashing of devices into EDL, Bypass auth, and many more.

BMB Tool Pro 3.0 Qualcomm & MediaTek Android Unlock Flash Tool

BMB Tool Pro 3.0 Qualcomm & MediaTek Android Unlock Flash Tool

Download BMB Tool Pro 3.0 Apple Xiaomi Samsung Android Unlock Flash Tool

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BMB Tool is a software tool that lets users perform various actions on mobile devices from many manufacturers, such as OPPO, VIVO, Xiaomi, Nokia, Huawei, and Samsung. The actions that are possible with BMB Tool include: BMB Tool are:

  • User lockBMB Tool can open the security of your user on mobile devices made by several manufacturers. It is useful when you’ve lost your lock screen or pattern password.
  • FRPBMB The tool can be utilized to disable this Factory Reset Protection (FRP) feature on various device brands, which is beneficial if you’ve lost your Google login credentials to your Google account.
  • Flashing BMB Tool can be utilized to flash firmware onto devices made by several manufacturers. This could be beneficial if you upgrade your device or solve any issues affecting its software.

Remember this: using the BMB tool could be risky and cause the device to lose its warranty. It is essential to be cautious and ensure that you know the risks before using this tool.


  • Factory Reset
  • Safe Format
  • FRP Remove
  • Unlock Bootloader
  • Vivo Enable Brom and MDM unlock
  • Oppo unlock sim 
  • Mi bypass sideload 
  • Samsung FRP mtp
  • Samsung FRP MTK devices
  • Samsung FRP and kg unlock bypass
  • Flash ROM Full Brom
  • Flash ROM scatter mt Brom
  • Erase Partition custom
  • Read GPT Partition
  • Backup rom full
  • Unlock sim Vivo
  • Dumps EDL mode Qualcomm Devices
  • Auto select model
  • Add Qualcomm flash and erase 
  • Ufs done
  • Emmc done
  • Aust loader done
  • Add ADB reboot edl
  • Add fastboot erase FRP Nokia
  • Add fastboot erase FRP SPD devices
  • Add fastboot erase FRP Asus devices 
  • Add fastboot erase FRP LG Qualcomm
  • Add safe for keep-data
  • Add oppo 5G unlock
  • Add Samsung 5G unlock
  • Add Huawei Qualcomm
  • Add Samsung tap FRP *#0*# 2022 Method
  • Add Mi Account erase MediaTek and Qualcomm Devices should be successful.
Download BMB Tool Pro 3.0

Download BMB Tool Pro 3.0

BMB TOOL PRO 3.0 What’s new !!!


  • Added generic bypass FRP with MTP


  • Added generic Factory Reset in Download Mode New Security


  • Factory reset | Erase FRP
  • Lenovo Tab P12 Pro TB-Q706F
  • Lenovo Tab P12 Pro TB-Q706Z
  • Lenovo Tab P11 5G TB-J607Z


  • Factory reset | Erase FRE
  • Realme C33 RMX3624


  • Factory reset | Erase FRP


  • Factory reset | Erase FRP
  • Factory reset | Erass DEMO


  • Factory reset | Erase FRP
  • Factory reset | Erass DEMO
  • Factory reset | Erass MDM


  • Factory reset | Erase FRP


  • Factory reset | Erase FRP
  • Factory reset | Erase MI


  • Factory reset | Erase FRP
Download BMB Tool Pro 3.0

BMB Tool Pro

How To Use?

  1. The first step is to first download the file by clicking the following link
  2. After that, you need to remove all files from C: drive ( important)
  3. Make sure you’ve turned off your antivirus prior to installing the application
  4. After that, to open the folder, install the setup file following some basic instructions
  5. Use this ” bmb tool pro v3.0.exe.”
  6. Then, you’ll be able to install all the drivers you have already installed them. You can skip this step
  7. Connect the phone to the internet and try to accomplish any task
  8. Enjoy !!!

How To Download

BMB Tool Pro 3.0 is a Qualcomm and MediaTek Factory Reset / FRP one-click tool that allows you to bypass Google account verification on your Android device. This tool is very easy to use and can be downloaded for free from the official website. Once you have downloaded the tool, connect your device to your PC and follow the instructions on the screen.
Download Link:: Link

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