Miracle Power Tool V1.0.3 Latest – Ultimate Unlocking Tool

Miracle Power Tool V1.0.3 – Ultimate Unlocking Tool

Miracle Power Tool is an unlocked tool for free that works with MTK, Qualcomm, UNiSOC (SPD) powered, and a few Samsung phones. It assists users with FRP Bypass, Flash firmware, Factory reset and Pattern Pin unblocking passwords, format Emmc and UFS, among numerous others. Additionally, it allows users to unlock, unlock and unlock the Bootloader and unlock the cloud, at no cost. If you’d like to experience the best mobile repair software at no cost, then install Miracle Power Tool v1.0.3 Latest version and follow our steps to repair the phone.

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Changelog What’s the new Miracle power tool 1.0.3:

Miracle Power Tool v1.0.3

  • No Need to Select any Model
  • All Work in Single Click
  • Powerful and Easy

Following MediaTek CPU Supported:

  • – MT6739/MT6731
  • – MT6755/MT6750/M/T/S Helio P10/P15/P18
  • – MT6757/MT6757D Helio P20
  • – MT6758 Helio P30
  • – MT6761/MT6762/MT3369/MT8766B Helio A20/P22/A22/A25/G25
  • – MT6763 Helio P23
  • – MT6765/MT8768t Helio P35/G35
  • – MT6768 Helio P65/G85 k68v1
  • – MT6771/MT8385/MT8183/MT8666 Helio P60/P70/G80
  • – MT6779 Helio P90 k79v1
  • – MT6781 Helio G96
  • – MT6785 Helio G90
  • – MT6797/MT6767 Helio X23/X25/X27
  • – MT6799 Helio X30/X35
  • – MT6833 Dimensity 700 5G k6833
  • – MT6853 Dimensity 720 5G
  • – MT6873 Dimensity 800/820 5G
  • – MT6877 Dimensity 900
  • – MT6885/MT6883/MT6889/MT6880/MT6890 Dimensity 1000L/1000
  • – MT6893 Dimensity 1200
  • – MT8167/MT8516/MT8362
  • – MT8512
  • – MT8695

General Function:

  • Read Info in Meta mode
  • Meta Mode Factory Reset
  • Meta Mode Format Fs (eMMC)
  • Meta Mode Format Fs (UFS)
  • Read the Info on Brom Mode, and also look up Real IMEI
  • Format Fs in Brom Mode
  • Safe Format in Brom Mode
  • FRP Reset in Brom Mode

Bootloader Function:

  • Bootloader Unlock for all Supported CPUs.
  • Bootloader Relock for all Supported CPUs.
  • Permanent Bootloader Unlock for Redmi 6A/9A as well as other

RPMB Function:

  • Read RPMB Backup
  • Write RPMB Backup
  • Format RPMB Data

NV Tool:

  • Read NVRAM and NVDATA Backup
  • Write NVRAM and NVDATA Backup
  • Format NVRAM and NVDATA

Special Function:

  • Oppo ID Reset Function
  • Huawei ID Reset Function

Samsung FRP Reset over Modem Port (till April Patch).

More than 550models than expected

  • A260G
  • A260F
  • A013F
  • A013G
  • A013M
  • A015A
  • A015AZ
  • A015F
  • A015G
  • A015M
  • A022F
  • A022G
  • A022M

How To Use?

  1. The first step is to first download the file using the following link
  2. After that, you need to unzip all the files on C: drive It’s vitally crucial
  3. Then you need to open the folder that you will need to extract all the files
  4. Run the ” Miracle Power Tool
  5. After that, you’ll need to install all the drivers you already have installed. If not, skip this step.
  6. Connect the phone and attempt to accomplish any function
  7. Enjoy !!!


Compatible: The tool is compatible with Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 Windows 8.1 as well as Windows 10 (32-bit and 64-bit).

Make a Backup: If you are looking to test the above tool, make a backup of your personal information from the device you use for an Android smartphone or Tablet. Flashing any firmware or recovery could cause the device to be damaged.

Credits The Miracle Power Tool is developed as a product by the creator and is distributed through his company. The full credit goes to the developer who distributes the tool at no cost.

Download Link:: Link

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