VIVO Fastboot V1.0 Free Download (Bootloader unlock, Reboot to edl)

VIVO Fastboot V1.0 Free Download (Bootloader unlock, Reboot to edl)

VIVO Fastboot Tool version1.0is a little tool that runs on Windows computers. Kumar develops it. Anyone can use the software without activating or buying a license. It is available in the Vivo Qualcomm smartphones. Below, I have the models and model numbers. This tool is compatible with BootloaderBootloader unlock, relock, and fastboot for EDL Boot (Without accessing the cover on the back), Factory opens, and Demo unlocks. This tool works for Windows 10 and the latest version of Windows.

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Features VIVO Fastboot Tool:

  • Bootloader unlock
  • Bootloader Relock
  • Fastboot mode: Reboot into EDL
  • Factory Reset
  • Demo Unlock

Supported Models:

  1. VIVO V20
  2. VIVO V20e
  3. VIVO V21e
  4. VIVOY50
  5. VIVO y51
  6. iQOO9 PRO
  7. iQOO9
  8. iQOO8 Professional
  9. iQOO8
  10. iQOO7
  11. iQOOZ1
  12. iQOO5 Neo
  13. VIVOX70 Pro+
  14. VIVO Y31
  15. VIVO Y12a
  16. VIVO T1
  17. VIVOX X Fold
  18. VIVO Y21T
  19. VIVO Y21e
  20. VIVO V19
  21. VIVO V19 Neo
  22. VIVO Z1
  23. VIVO Z1 Pro
  24. VIVO S1 PRO

How to Use?

  1. Then download the zip file using this link.
  2. After that, remove every file from the C drive. This is crucial.
  3. Then, you’ll have to open the folder you wish to delete any files.
  4. Run the ” VivoFastboot.exe “
  5. Then, install all drivers that you don’t have installed yet.
  6. Connect the phone to Fastboot mode. If you need to boot the device to EDL mode, unlock the BootloaderBootloader.
  7. Then, press the Reboot EDL button to put your device in EDL mode. If the BootloaderBootloader is successfully deactivated.
  8. Enjoy !!!


Support The program is fully compatible with Windows XP (32-bit or 64-bit), Windows Vista, Windows 7, and Windows 8, along with Windows 8.1.

Create a backup. If this tool interests you, please back up your Android tablet and smartphone data. Do not flash any Recovery or Firmware because it may cause damage to your device.

Credits:: VIVO Quickboot Tool has been developed and released. All credit is due to the creator for supplying the tool.
Download Link:: Link

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